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Shri Rajendra Yadav: While reading the auto biography of Ramnika Gupta only two words came in my mind - Refractory and temerarious! If a second name could be given to this auto biography - that would be “The Story of Invincible Struggle”.

Kamleshwar Ji has written in the Background of “Dusri Duniya Ka Yatharth”(The Reality of an another world) a Ramnika Foundation Publication: This collection doesn’t need any sympathy or advocacy. These stories are real reflection of anguish/angst against centuries old miseries of Dalits and their exploitation by landlords and moneylenders. If we pick up 10 stories from this collection, that would be enough to place dalit Literature at par with Indian Literature and this also shows the eagerness to bring truth in public domain by “Yudhrat Aam Admi”. The stories of “Dusri Duniya Ka Yatharth” are basically based on social angst and forces of change in the society. The stories of Ramnika Gupta and Mohandas Nemisharai are document of centuries old angst.

In an All India Literary Conference organized by Sahitya Academy in Ranchi on 26 to 28 April 2005 Kamleshwar Ji said: - Ramnika Gupta has provided authentic and important literary material on all areas of Adivasi life. Her work on Dalit Literature is already recognised as one of the best literary in India. Because of this contribution and dedicated work, I and literary world has high regards for Ramnika Ji.

The intensive research work done in India by Ramnika Foundation is remarkable. According to Ramnika Gupta In this category, whatever research and surveys took place till now has only two source –

1.       Austroloid 2. Dravidian.

From the research work of Ramnika Gupta and Pardeshiram Verma, I have found lot of useful material for this article, even in various researches I found her work appreciating my analysis that got acceptance and I did not hesitate to use them.

 Kedar Nath Singh has written in the foreword of “Telugu Sahitya Mein Dalit Dastak” (Dalit Inervention in Telugh Literature) – That the “Telugu Sahitya mein Dalit Dastak” is ultimate collection of poems, stories and essays. I won’t comment on stories and essays because poems have impressed me and touched me deeply.  Prevalent notion is that the expression of Dalit movement happened in articles and write-ups. Presented collection of poems negates this fact. I welcome this selection and collection in Hindi.

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